- Robotic Projector, also known as Calvin.

Our Vision

Our goal was to design, build, and program a wirelessly controlled mobile robotic projector that could move on a three-wheeled platform, tilt, and project from a laptop.

Initial Design Goals

  1. Mobility - forward and backward motion with zero turn radius ability on a three-wheeled platform.
  2. Video projection – be able to project a video and tilt the projector vertically.
  3. Remote control – projector and movement should be controlled wirelessly with a wireless keyboard or mouse via a laptop.
  4. Power – the whole system will be powered with a motorcycle battery.

What Was Accomplished

  1. Mobility - All goals met.
  2. Video projection – All goals met.
  3. Remote control – All goals met. In addition, movement can be controlled with a wireless X-box controller.
  4. Power – extension cords used to power the projector, two 12V motorcycle batteries power 24V DC motors for forward and backward motion and a stepper motor for tilting.